The Best Ski Destinations in the U.S to Visit in 2021

The Best Ski Destinations in the U.S to Visit in 2021

The United States is undeniably a home for the most epic skiing destinations in the world. But because of all those travel restrictions given due to the growing COVID concerns this year, your travel yearnings also grow together with it right. To help you with that, check out these sneak peeks of some of the safe and travel-worthy destinations for your ultimate skiing experience this coming winter.

1. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Located in the heart of Wasatch National Forest, the snow is consistent throughout the year, making it an all-season alpine and snowboarding area and the most scenic resort in Utah. It shares a skiing area with Alta that offers joint passes for those who want to have full access to the mountains covering the two. It has a ski tunnel that lets you ski through the mountain, and then you exit on the other side, which happens to be the only one in North America.

2. Telluride Ski Resort

Known for its stunning scenery in the Mountain Village, Colorado, it stood beside the Town of Telluride, famous as one of the most picture-perfect towns in the city. The resort has over 2,000 skiable acres and operating 15 lifts. But what makes it special is that it also operates Gondolas making it the only one of its kind in the U.S that provides free public transportation for locals and guests between the Town of Telluride and the Town of Mountain Village.

3. Vail Ski Resort

Covering over 5,317 acres in Colorado, it is one of America’s dream destinations for skiers, reigning for the longest time and offering a range of activities that will channel all the adventures your heart seeks. At its foot is an array of high-end shops, restaurants, and a lot of fun shows that you must be sure to check out. There are many fantastic Resorts in Vail Colorado, as well as budget hotels and boutiques catering to all vacationers. It is an excellent place for everybody whether you want to go solo, or with family, friends, or with your lover.

4. Deer Valley

Thirsty for a real luxury skiing experience? Then, Deer Valley in Utah is for you. Since this does not allow snowboarding, it has become the favorite of skiing beginners and enthusiasts. Famously known as a high-end resort with exquisite lodges, rich culinary choices for foodies out there, and up-to-date lifts and other facilities that regulates the number of skiers going to the mountain. It’s quite fancy, though, but a price worth paying for a one-of-a-kind experience that will provide lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

5. Big Sky Resort

So, what results in Big Sky Resort kin Montana earning plus points for its skiers is that the view and the wide-open terrain has always been impressive, less crowded, and more convenient for them to go around. It’s a family-friendly skiing place that caters to all levels of skiers, although 15 percent only go as beginners. Besides skiing, you can enjoy other winter activities like seven terrain parks, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. They have also got something for you to do in summer, like hiking, tennis, mountain biking and archery. Oh yes, of course, zip-lines, as a common favorite for all, are available both in winter and summer.

6. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

This resort situated in Teton Village, Wyoming that catches an average of 38 feet of snow annually in recent years, became a favorite in the list of intermediate and advanced skiers, having one of the most challenging terrains from other ski resorts. Adding to it is the après-ski scene providing fun for skiers. Skier beginners and non-skiers are still made very welcome and can enjoy other exciting winter activities such as Heli and Cat skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, winter bike tours, and sleigh rides.

7. Aspen Snowmass

Are you looking for a glamorous and hardcore skiing experience? Be sure to check out this one. So when I say glamorous, it provides you not just one but four ski areas. Namely: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass, the largest one, but all might be best for intermediate skiers having steep slopes only accessible through hiking for you to go up to the mountains. But don’t worry, you can still experience maximum luxury by splurging yourself to their world-class shopping boutiques and fine dinings. Need more all-out spending? Try other activities like outdoor skating, a two-hour dog sled ride, or snowmobile adventure.

I’m sure you have made up your mind and chosen one of them already. But before you finalize your planning, check out as well the latest travel protocols and be updated on your chosen ski resort’s health and safety rules that might have limited offerings. So, stay safe and have fun very soon, snow adventurers!