Before Starting Our Own Business

Before Starting Our Own Business

Starting a business is not always a smooth ride. It could be stressful sometimes, given that we have dozens of things to deal with at ago. This is a reality that we have to contend with when getting started with our businesses. However, with a little planning, we can easily navigate this difficult with grace. In this writeup, I want to share with you five things you must know or do before venturing into a startup. Prepared to walk with me the rest of the journey? Well, let’s go.

Proper Timing

While we may have an exceptional business idea which we think could shake our competitors, the question we must ask ourselves is, “What is the most appropriate time to put such ideas into practise?” For instance, the Corona era has suppressed so many business ideas. With social distancing being a way of life, online businesses tend to be booming more than offline businesses. Many people now prefer doing their shopping online because there is no physical contact. So, if I had a viable business idea such as starting a pub, I would wait until the pandemic comes to an end, since such a business may not thrive in the face of social distancing. And don’t get me wrong on this; I don’t mean that running a pub is a bad idea. Rather, such a business would be more successful when social distancing is not a rule.

Doing Research

Research is all about finding information about how successful our business ideas can be and the needs of our potential customers. Research gives us insights of what we need in order to dominate the market we operate in. It also helps to understand what our potential investors are doing. We can get information from the internet or ask people directly on the ground about their opinion on what they think should be done. Having done research, we can be able to make informed decisions and approach our business ideas with confidence, knowing that they will work.


Knowing where to get money to fund our startups is essential. And while some people believe that you don’t need money to start a business, let no one cheat you; even the smallest startup requires some money to start rolling. For instance, we need money to register our businesses, pay employees, pay rent, and buy initial assets. At least these are must-haves when getting started. So, it is important that we know where we will get money to fund these essentials. Thankfully, there are dozens of lending institutions which fund startups. Some investors would also be attracted to our startups as long as our business ideas can offer money-back guarantee.


The legality of our businesses is something that we must put into consideration well in advance just to avoid finding ourselves on the wrong side of the law. That is why it is advisable to acquire information about the legality of any business idea before we even think of implementing it. However, this may vary from one country to another. For instance, running an alcohol joint may be legal in one jurisdiction but illegal in another. Once we are sure that our business idea can legally be implemented in a given area, the next step would be to apply for a permit or license for the same.

Seeking Expert Help

It is dangerous to assume that we know everything about the businesses we want to run. Unfortunately, this is a mistake many of us do. Once we have conceived a business idea, it is advisable to seek help from experts about everything that such an idea would involve. In so doing, however, we should be careful not to share our ideas to potential competitors. I advise that we approach business consultants with a good reputation. These people will give us advice on the best way possible to implement our ideas, including where to set the business, how many employees to start with, and how much capital we may need.